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Complete Plants

Process Packaging Plant & Equipment

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited, we supply various complete plants which includes food processing plants, packaging plants, dairy plants etc.

Some of the complete process & packaging plants we deal with are as follows:

1) Dairy Plants
Milk plants | Milk Pasteurizer | Filling Machines| UHT Milk | Aseptic Filling Machines which includes Tetra Pak filling machines | Cheese plants | Butter Plants | Evaporators | Spray Drier for Skimmed Milk | Ice Cream Manufacturing equipment and many more....
2) Food Processing Plants
General food processing | Bakery Equipment | Meat Processing and many more...
3) Confectionery Equipment:
Chocolate manufacturing equipment | Chocolate Candy Bar Wrapping Equipment
4) Drinks & Beverage
Beverage Equipment | Bottling Equipment | Blending Plants | Fruit Juice Processing Plant | Fruit Juice Blending Plants and many more.....
5) Brewery Equipment
6) Cosmetic Manufacturing Equipment
7) Pharma & Pharmaceutical Equipment
8) Chemical Processing Equipment