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Milk Pasteurisers

~15,000 LPH Alfa Laval Milk Pasteuriser Plant

Stock Code: 4669

Quantity Available: 1

~5,000 LPH Milk Pasteuriser Plant (Refurbished)

Stock Code: 4029

Quantity Available: 1

~2,700kg/h Alfa Laval Cream Pasteuriser Plant

Stock Code: 5494

Quantity Available: 1

~1,000kg/hr Stabilised Cream Pasteuriser Plant

Stock Code: 6076

Quantity Available: 1

~190 LPH Cream Pasteuriser Plant

Stock Code: 5156

Quantity Available: 1

APV R52 Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exhchanger

Stock Code: 6057

Quantity Available: 1

~300 LPH Tetra Pak Sterilab UHT Pilot Plant

Stock Code: 6237

Quantity Available: 1

Stainless Steel Holding Tubes

Stock Code: 5371

Quantity Available: 5

APV SR30 Stainless Steel Plate Pasteuriser

Stock Code: 5392

Quantity Available: 1

GEA VT20 CDL-C-10 Plate Heat Exchanger

Stock Code: 5648

Quantity Available: 1

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Category Information

Pasteurisers & Milk Plants

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited we offer various Pasteuriser Plants, Milk Plants, Pasteurisers for batch or continuous processing or a high temperature short time (HTST) Pasteuriser are available.

Milk Plants, Milk Pasteurisers & Heat Exchangers

Providing an efficient re-generative heat transfer of liquids killing micro-organisms or agitating the liquid produce during the heating, cooling, sterilisation, evaporating and UHT processes associated with the dairy, food and allied process manufacturing sectors from leading manufacturers such as APV, Alfa Laval, GEA Ahlborn and Pasilac Therm.