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Filters and Sieves

PALL Stainless Steel 10 bar Inline Filter

Stock Code: 5963

Quantity Available: 1

2 Inch Stainless Steel Single Tube Inline Filter

Stock Code: 5860

Quantity Available: 2

4 inch Stainless Steel Ceramic Heat Exchanger

Stock Code: 5869

Quantity Available: 1

3 inch APV Stainless Steel Duplex Filter

Stock Code: 6021

Quantity Available: 1

2 inch Stainless Steel Duplex Filter

Stock Code: 6250

Quantity Available: 1

Hanovia Ultraviolet Water Treatment Unit

Stock Code: 4194

Quantity Available: 1

APV Stainless Steel Duplex Filter

Stock Code: 4964

Quantity Available: 1

1½ Inch Stainless Steel Single Tube Line Filter

Stock Code: 4980

Quantity Available: 1

Camfil Camsecure Air Filter

Stock Code: 5054

Quantity Available: 1

Stephan Steam Filter (Direct Steam Injection)

Stock Code: 5249

Quantity Available: 1

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Category Information

Used & Refurbished Liquid Inline Filters and Rotary Sieves

Process Plant and Machinery Ltd offers various Used & Refurbished Liquid Inline Filters, Inline Rotary Sieves & Micro Filteration (Membrane Filteration) which could be used in Dairy Processing, General Food Processing, Chocolate & Confectionery, Bakery, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical, Industries to name a few...

Popular brands and types we deal with are as follows:

1) Russell Inline Rotary Sieve

2) APV Inline Filters

3) APV Membrane Filters