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Lab Equipment

~5 Ltr Stephan UM5 Stainless Steel Lab Mixer

Stock Code: 5087

Quantity Available: 1

~4kg Mettler Toledo 4400 Laboratory Scale

Stock Code: 5751

Quantity Available: 1

K-Patents PR-23-AC Inline Process Refractometer

Stock Code: 5752

Quantity Available: 1

CEM FAS-9001-3 Fat Extractor & Analyzer

Stock Code: 5842

Quantity Available: 1

2½ inch Covimat 105 Viscometer

Stock Code: 5878

Quantity Available: 1

Clifton Food Range 8 Ltr Unstirred Bath

Stock Code: 6098

Quantity Available: 1

Ebro Handheld TFX 410-1 Pt1000 Thermometer

Stock Code: 6159

Quantity Available: 1

Hand-Held Refractometer

Stock Code: 6202

Quantity Available: 4

Brookfield CAP1000H Viscometer

Stock Code: 6218

Quantity Available: 1

Sharples Stainless Steel Lab Decanter

Stock Code: 5122

Quantity Available: 1

Lincoln Quicklub Lubrication System

Stock Code: 5728

Quantity Available: 1

Brookefield Model TT220 Viscometer Assembly

Stock Code: 4791

Quantity Available: 1

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Category Information

Laboratory Equipment

Used Laboratory Equipment

At Process Plant and Machinery Ltd, we deal with various Laboratory Equipment used in the Food & Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Drinks & Beverage, Chocolate & Confectionery, Brewery Industries. Some of the major brands we deal with are as follows:

Silverson Laboratory High Shear Mixer
Janke & Kunkel High Shear Mixer
Laboratory Water Bath
Grant Water Bath
Brookfield Programmable Viscometer
Gallenkamp Incubator
Hampel Digital Weigh Scale
MilkoScan FT120 Analyser
Mettler Toledo Lab Digital Weigh Scales